Saturday, June 5, 2010

Finally.... an Update

Finally, I can update. Our internet was turned back on 2 days ago and my beloved got me a new laptop computer and it was delivered yesterday. I will quickly try to fill in the details of the last few months of our life. Where shall I start??? First, I guess I can start with Cameron's job situation. He has remained unemployed this whole time until Wednesday. When we first got married Cameron got a job at a local company and was there for 6 years. They clean industry filters. It was a very good job, but after 6 years, Cameron left to pursue a new career. Well since then we have floundered with him working for himself, Directv and the local cable company. We have always kept in close contact with our friends from this place and earlier in the year Cameron and I mentioned that if they were ever hiring again, to please let him know. So last Friday, our friend called and said that there is a postion available in the lab. The lab is the only part of the shop that operates on a Monday- Friday, regular day shift. The standard is 8 hours a day with overtime, which we are very thankful for. Even with overtime, Cameron gets off no later than 3:30 or 4:30. He may have to go in a little earlier than his standard 6 am, but we have no problem with that. Anyways when went out there on Tuesday, the man in charge of hiring wasn't back from Memorial day vacation, so they took Cameron's number and said that they would call him Tuesday. And sure enough they did. He went took his drugscreen, watched his pre-employment safety courses and viola... He started work on a very reasonable pay rate,( PTL!!!!) on Thursday. This has been a direct answer to my prayers. I prayed that Cameron would get a good job with family friendly hours and good benefits, by the time that Emily was born. Well God literally answered that prayer exactly as I had asked. Emily is due anytime now. In fact, my doctor sais I would have Emily by next Friday for sure. Now onto Miss Emily and her upcoming arrival :-) That is definatley the highlight of my life at the moment. We have went back and forth as to whether to vbac or have a scheduled c section. We switched Ob/Gyns and are much better satisfied with my new doctor. She is sweet and listens to me. I have had some pre labor, and false labor, but so far, no baby. My pregnancy has been great. No medical complications, although I have delt with alot of emotional issues this last 2 months. Probably since about 32 weeks or so. I am so ready to meet my little baby. I thought that I was in labor yesterday and so I called thw doctor and she instructed me to go straight to labor and delivery, so I did. After an hour or 2 up there, she said that I was on my way to deliver her and that she figured I would go into labor this weekend. I opted to come back home and I have been waiting it out. I am not in near as much pain as I was last night, but I am just as annoyed as I have been. My patience has been HORRIBLE with this pregnancy. Everything gets on my nerves. The sound of the kids chewing, my mother slurping her morning coffee and several other things that I won't menton. Anyways..... All that said, I pray that I will go into full fledged labor today and that I can get this show on the road. With that 2 of my daughters are up and already argueing so I will go for now. But I will definately be updating. God bless!!!!!

Maudie ~

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