Monday, August 26, 2013

Its Been how Long?

Its been 3 months since I last posted! Oh my! I have lots of things to talk about. First of all, we are officially out of our "birthday season" as we call it around here. We have a birthday every month starting in January with mine, except April, all the way through July, ending with Savannah's birthday. We have had a good summer. And have enjoyed doing the normal day to day things we find our self doing. We have had the desire for sometime to move to the country and start a farm of some type. Well that dream may be closer than we think. As of this past Thursday our little home is officially looking for a new owner! We just happened to find our "perfect" place on our way home from church one day. We fellowship with some people about an hour or so away from here and the place we found is down their direction. It has 27 acres, a fully stocked fish pond, and a workable 2008 doublewide mobile home. As a fellow blogger whom I admire and frequent her blog quite a bit, says, " Theres nothing wrong with a mobile home!" And so I made up my own saying... "Mobile home living can be quite fulfilling!" So YES, I am okay with moving from a site built home to a mobile home. It is actually really nice and just needs a tad bit of work. Plus is on a nice piece of property that will enable us to start our own business. If you all would, please pray that the Lord would guide us in this process and send the right buyer quickly to buy our home at full price so we can purchase the other place. We are not in debt and don't really have the desire to be in debt. As the Bible says the borrower is subject to the lender and we certainly don't want to be slaves to debt! And in other news... we have some new additions to our family... No, not human babies, but a baby box turtle ( Franklin), and tons of tadpoles thanks to our frog who showed up awhile back after all the rain, and a new little calico kitten, whom we haven't been able to figure out if its a boy or a girl. The new kitten is from Bailey and Maximus, our cats. We still have Abraham ( their last kitten) and Silas, our nearly 10 year old boxer. So when we move, we have lots of people and creatures to pack! Im going to TRY to add some pictures of the hopefully, new place and of Savannah's tie dyed 14th birthday party! God bless Friends!