Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quick Update :-)

I wanted to check in and post  a quick update. My oldest daughter is having some health issues right now and Ive been saying I was going to post pictures from me and Cameron's 14th wedding anniversary dinner earlier in the week. Well I still haven't loaded them in the computer and so that update will probably be later in the week. If you all don't mind, please pray for my daughter Jodee.

As for the rest of us, we are just hanging around. We went to church today, then on to my FIL's place and then last but not least my MIL's home. We had our Christmas get together with my MIL and her boyfriend today. The weather is quite rainy and nasty out so that made for a wet day traveling.

Well we are all heading to bed soon, so I will go and try to get everyone ready for tomorrow. God bless you all !


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am still going to be posting once a week. But right now my children are sick. So please say a prayer for them as we try to recover from this yucky cold.


Monday, October 29, 2012


Our new little man a few weeks ago! Isn't God's creation amazing! We've decided on Jonas Heath for his name and I am so excited to get to meet him in real life. He already looks like our other little boys. Another fun fact is  that npw the boys are catching up with our girls. We have 4 girls and soon to be 3 boys. A day I thought I would NEVER see! It makes me sad to think even for a second that if I wouldn't have followed the Lord's leading and had my reversal, I would have misssed out on this precious face. Along with these 2 down below:


I also wanted to say that I think I am back to blogging atleast 1 time a week. I have thought and thought about it and decided that its something that I want to do. We can hopefully be a witness and an inspiration to other people that read this blog. We are real people living real lives. Nothing fake or candy coated here! We love Jesus and try our best but sometimes fail, to honor the Lord daily!
We've been doing school for 3 weeks now and are doing pretty good. We've learned about Abraham Lincoln, the creation story, Noah and God's promise thru the rainbow plus the usual stuff. We are still using and LOVING our simple Rod and Staff. We did a leaf project and took a trip to our local museum's nature trail. We're members, so we go quite often. Im also going to post some weekly classroom pictures and keep you all update with whats going on in our schooling.

                                                   This little frog went hopping across
                                                   our path and I caught him! We wanted
                                                   to take him home, but we let him go!
                                                     Our children minus Jonas
                                                     Birds of Prey Trail
                                                    I think its a barn owl?
                                                  A hawk who was missing a half of wing

Well thats all for now! I hope my pictures post correctly. Im just not great at all that type of stuff. God bless you all and have a great week!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Its a ....

B-O-Y!!!! We were sure she was a girl, but God is giving us another beautiful boy! Praise the Lord!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update on Us~

We're still here and breathing! I have decided to try and update my blog weekly from here on out and even upload pictures! My girls think it will be a great place for memories. So this is my first post of more to come. No pictures though, as I need beloved's help to hook my iPhone up to the computer. Our pregnancy is going well. I am actually 8 weeks and 3 days. I am sick, but not deathly sick like I was with Emily. But I do feel worse than I did with Jackson. I have already gained 1 pound and I am anxiously awaiting finding out the gender of this little person. Beloved is going to pay for me to find out the end of September. EEEKKK!!!! Im like a kid in a candy store. I CAN> NOT> WAIT!!!!!!! Did I mention Im excited :-) Anyways.... I just got through making our back to school goody bags that I hand out every year. Our school year starts back Monday and Im starting to be a tad excited about that too. We have lots of ground to cover and until we are caught up to where I am comfortable, we will officially be year round schoolers with small breaks here and there. So thats all for now! I have to go and start getting ready for bed. God bless!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some News....

Check out my tickers on my sidebar for a great announcment.... Thats right baby #7 should join us sometime around the end of February 2013! I am thrilled that the Lord has blessed us again although I am very much undeserving! I would covet your prayers as we once again journey down this path! God bless :-)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Check In~

Howdy folks! Its been a long time since I updated. I am still here and doing well. We are in the middle of birthday season here and only have 2 more birthdays to go until October. We have 3 birthdays in May, Emily in June and Savannah in July. So we are usually pretty busy. We are also still doing school since we are "year round" schoolers. I really think education happens all the time even without a text book. Although we do use textbooks. I switched curriculum this past semester and went straight back to my Rod and Staff. They provide a solid education at a great price and they are sturdy books that can be passed down student to student for the most part. And if you are like me, durability means ALOT!!! We have not been blessed again so far, since Jackson's birth in 2011, but we atleast have 4 students that will use my older 2 girls books. I have been thru a rather trying time lately and I will spare you all the boring details, but the Lord is really doing a work in my life. I am learning to lean on Him and He is really showing me somethings about myself that are not wonderful, but atleast I know with Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Nothing is too big or difficult for my Lord. That is awesome and I am so greatful that He cared enough to send His only son to die for me. He would have done it just for me or just for you. Even if we were the only ones! WOW!!!! HE IS AMAZING!!!! I will leave you all with that for now. God's blessings on you all...Until next time dear friends<3

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am still here and doing okay. Jackson will be a year old in 2 weeks so time is really flying. I just wanted to pop in and say HEllo. Maybe I'll make a post a little more often. God bless you all friends!

Friday, January 6, 2012


JOY~ Its my word for the year. My online friend Amy suggested that we choose a word for the year and so after I prayed about it, It came to me this morning and it inspired me to pick up my laptop and actually get back on the old blogger <3 !
JOY is something that in real life I lack. I am struggling with having JOY at all. I get up every morning and hope that the day will be better, but usually its not. No this is not one of those sugar coated blog post, that make my life sound dreamy and wonderful, because truth is, right now, its not. My oldest daughter is struggling with some things and I am praying for her so much. My mother, who will be 77 in a few days, is also not that well mentally and physically, she is going down hill too. Its a real struggle to handle all the demands of raising my family, homeschooling, and elder care, all at once. Am I thankful I have all this on my plate? Yes! Because without it, I wouldn't have the people in my life I do. We are struggling with homeschooling I just haven't been able to pull it together since I had Jack. He is a great baby, but was a constant cryer for atleast 6 months, unless I was nursing him or holding him. Now he is a cheerful baby, but is still a hearty, every 2 hour, nurser. But I love him so. Emily is quite the little lady, with quite an attitude to boot. She is still not walking but is starting to stand up in the middle of the floor all alone, so I know its coming soon. She is frustrated alot now, and teething, so that makes her quite testy. I wonder alot if I am doing what the Lord wants me to? I know that deep down, I am. Its just difficult to see the bigger picture at times. I am struggling spiritually because of my physical struggles here and now. So with all this said, I am purposing to FIND and KEEP JOY this year. I am , not question about it. It is my mission. I can NOT go on any longer and try to do it all myself. I have to choose JOY and let GOD handle the rest. He knows my struggles. He knows my needs and He is faithful to fufill HIS promises. So off to start my day.... God bless~