Thursday, February 21, 2013

Appointment Tomorrow

Tomorrow I have ( more than likely) my last appointment before Jonas is born. I can' t believe this pregnancy has went by so fast! I am excited to meet him, but nervous at the thoughts of another c section. I am so greatful to live in a country where medical intervention if needed is available. My appointment is in the morning and my sister in law is taking me since Cameron takes our van to work. We get to see him on u/s which I can't wait for either! Tomorrow is also another big day at our house... Our 1st reversal baby from Cameron's vas reversal and our 1st son, James, turns 9 years old tomorrow!!!! He was my 34 week premature birth, but you would never know he was early. He is quite the spitfire and has a mind of his own! Im so thankful to get to be his momma, even if it is a little taxing on my nerves at times. Well Im off to go grab some dinner.... I'll update tomorrow after my appointment. Please pray that Jonas is ready and everything looks great and goes great.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Closer...

Its getting closer to our delivery date!  Lord willing we will be going in for a scheduled c section March 1st and prayfully we will get to delivery another healthy baby boy, Jonas Heath! We have been so sickly that I haven't really updated lately. So I am going to try to post a few random pictures:

These are all from December 2012 up until just a couple of weeks ago. I tried to make sure I got atleast one picture of each of us in there. Pardon the picture of me and Cameron on our anniversary; I didn't look that great. And the pregnant picture of me in the blue shirt was on anniversay in December as well. I am a WHOLE lot bigger now :-)