Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prayers Please

Prayers would be much appreciated for us over the next few days. My husbands grandmother passed away this morning around 1 am. We were able to be there for her and with her at that time. We spent all afternoon with her and the rest of Cameron's family, many of which we rarely see. It was a special experience to be together when she passed on. Cameron and I were able to share our thoughts privately on our way home. My mother was gracious enough to watch the children and we were able to be alone during this very emotional time for my beloved.
Many of his relatives are not saved. Please pray that this will open all the hearts of those that need to be saved. I also pray that the Lord will be with Cameron and do a special work in his heart at this time too. He really needs to feel the Lord's comforting arms around him.
We have all been super stressed this last couple of weeks with his shift change and the lack of sleep and the fact that it seems like no matter how hard we try, we can not get re-adjusted and into a new schedule. Please pray for us in that area too. We are praying that he will be back on day shift sooner than later.
The visitation is tomorrow night and the funeral is the next day. This is the first time our children have ever been to anything like this. Pray for them too and for our Emily, that she will be calm. Thank you all so much! God bless.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Excitement Over the New Year!

I am still here! I pray that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was a "white" Christmas. The first in many years. It actually snowed Christmas day and the next. Its still here, but the bright sunshine is quickly melting it away. I have really enjoyed waking up to a quite house with white snow all over our yard and trees and icycles hanging from the roof and smaller trees. It was the most beautiful thing I have seen in along time.
As for our celebration, we were rather thrown off by the continued illness of Cameron's grandmother. His mother called us Christmas Eve and asked for us to drive down and spend the evening with her and his dad and also go visit his grandmother. That visit may have very well been the last time we will see her alive. She is under the care of hospice and is literally in the last days of her life unless the Lord produces a miracle. Please pray for all of us and for her too. Her name is Francis.
On Christmas Day, we opened presents, watched the snow fall , ate of course, and then went for a ride before the roads got bad to see the snow. When we returned I let the kiddos loose for about 15 mins in the snow. We just got over being sick, so I didn't feel like a relapse :-)
Cameron had to go into work at 11 am yesterday and work until 11 pm. We are praying that he will be back on day shift with in the next couple of days. This new schedule is not working that well for us. The 3- 11:30 thing is not good for our family. Everyone, including Tweedle, had got off their regular schedules and with school starting back next week, I shutter to think what our days will look like.
As for school, I am excited and ready to start back. We hardly did anything this 1st semester. That has to change. Cameron is going to be my accountability partner and so if things don't get done I have to answer to him. Thats what I need. Of course our educational goals for our children are not the same as alot of public school parents, but we still want our children learning daily and staying on task as much as possible. Education is important, along with teaching our children to live for the Lord and major life skills.
Well thats a quick update for me. I probably won't post anymore until after the New Year, so everyone be blessed and enjoy your time with your families :-)


Thursday, December 16, 2010

In and Out~ Again

I wanted to add this post in case I forget later. For some reason my brain has NOT been in tip top shape lately :-) We are probably going offline again for a season. I will still update when I can, and I will definately keep everyone updated on my new little baby boy to be, whom by the way will not be David Matthew, but Jackson Tyler, which is the name we chose for Emily if she would have been a boy. Cameron's schedule got changed to 2nd and he is no longer a supervisor which took away a few cents off his hourly pay. So we are cutting back in anyway we can and that more than likely will mean bye-bye to our internet. We don't really use it that much. I use my blackberry to check my email and my favorite message board ( www.cmomb.com) and so as long as I can do that, Im good. And yes even if I couldn't do that I would be fine too. So I am going to go for now, and if we don't cut off our internet, I will be back sooner than later. God bless and have a Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year :-)


Friday, December 3, 2010

ITS A.........


Thanks for all the prayers. David Matthew looks to be a healthy, fiesty , baby boy. Cameron will find out at his lunch. I am making him a blue cupcake and when he bites into it, he will see BLUE!!!! Our children are over the moon and I am too!!! He is soooo cute already. And to think my only other little man, will be 7 in Feb. ;-( He is growing up, so fast!!!! Well I have to go and make some cupcakes! God bless!