Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sick Days ~ Cherishing the Moments ~ Enjoying the Snuggles

  The littles at our house are sick. Very sick. Fevers, coughs, runny noses, and at least 1 incident of vomiting. We are trying to clean and prepare for our realtor to come Friday, which is 2 days later than expected. I emailed her yesterday and postponed our re-listing. But if the sickness continues we may have to wait a few more days.

  It's in these times that we can choose to enjoy the "down time", even if we don't feel like its a good time. I love my littles. Of course I love all my children but my littles hold a special place in my heart since they are reversal babies. They are the children that had we not trusted The Lord with our fertility we wouldn't have. Our 1st son and 4th child is actually our first reversal baby. We thought we were done for sure, but praise The Lord He had other plans. When we are down and not able to move around as much, I tend to have more time to think. So as I was cleaning my kitchen cabinets with my little Jonas in his ergo this morning, I was thinking how precious he is. And how I'm so fortunate he is here. And last night when Emily was throwing up and Jackson was screaming for me not to leave him for a shower, it makes me feel happy. Thankful, loved and needed. 

  So enjoy these times if your little ones are sick. Be thankful it's just a temporary sickness. Some parents are not as fortunate and have children with terminal illnesses. So rest, let go of what you can let go.God gives you little moments to rest. Enjoy! I'm going to snuggle my little ones and pace my day. Praying your week is blessed!



Sunday, January 5, 2014

One of those Days~ Wandering Thoughts~

  I pray this post finds you all doing well. We are once again sick. Our 4 youngest woke up sick and so we are dealing with that. We missed church today but were able to ride out and look at a couple of pieces of land. Nothing quite strikes us as the previous place did, but God is faithful and He will provide us with that perfect place in His time. We are learning more and more every day about God's timing. It is such an easy thing to trust Him when things are going our way, but once the table turns and things go a different direction other than OUR perfect plan, our true intentions on following The Lord is revealed.  

  I often struggle with the "what ifs" in every situation. The Bible tells us that we are to depend solely on Christ and Christ alone. I can not depend on man or myself. I have to relinquish all if MY selfish desires and let The Lord's desires become my desires. Friends, that is the only way we are going to be happy in this life. 

  This past year I have become a person that I never knew I would become. I went from being a very "modern" Christian to a very simple Christian. I have went from makeup and jewelry to head coverings and plain clothes. Throughout all these  changes I have became happier than I ever thought possible. That is NOT to say that this past year hasn't been full of trials as well. The last 4 months of 2013 were EXTREMELY difficult on our family for very personal reasons. My church family was there for us even when our blood family were not. Praise God for them. I look back on the situation and I wonder what we would have done without them during that time. 

  I enter this new year with many hopes and aspirations for 2014. I pray we're blessed with a little sister for Emily, a new homestead with my husband being home with us and us working together. I hope to grow closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I plan on becoming less and less dependent on society and more dependent on our own skills given through our Lord. We plan on beginning a new school schedule which will start next Monday in full swing, even though technically we are starting school tomorrow. I don't want to waste any more time in trivial matters, the only thing in this world that matters is my Lords calling for my life. I have to seek him daily or else everything will crumble. I've loved and lost many things this past year. But I am grateful to be here to see this new year. 

  As I told my beloved the other day, as long as there is breath in my lungs there is always hope for whatever The Lord calls us to do. I'm planning on using this blog as an outreach to anyone who is seeking The Lord. I want to document our families life on here for a sweet memory. Oh how fast these days go by. Precious, precious moments with our children, our spouses, our Lord. How are we using the time that The Lord is blessing us with? Friends, I pray that each one of you are blessed in every way that The Lord sees fit! I covet your prayers for my family as we recover from illness and as we prepare to put our home back on the market Wednesday. Please pray all this will come together according to the Lords will. My mother who will be 79 Thursday lives with us. She has Alzheimer's and Dementia so this has taken a toll on her as well. She has become very irritated with me and the children. We are trying gracefully to care for her but it is becoming ever more difficult the more her attitude changes towards us. I would appreciate prayer for her and us in that situation as well. And last but not least, SCHOOL:-) 

   I would be honored to pray for you all as well. Please share your prayer needs below or feel free to email me at ~ seekingthelorddaily@gmail.com

Until next time may God bless you and keep you!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Head coverings~ A Salvation Issue?

   I write this post this morning praying that your new year is off to a wonderful start and that your not freezing cold! We are. We are having record lows here, so much so they are delaying school start times. Of course that's not an issue for us homeschoolers, but I'm sure the  public school mom and dads are glad for the delay. As promised, I'm going to do several post on topics that are near and dear to my heart. I have NO desire to debate with anyone and I'm NOT trying to offend anyone. As I have said before, if what I say offends you or pricks your heart, perhaps it's the Holy Spirit convicting you of something. I've read so many post on Facebook and blogs about women who are in " bondage" to this and that and they must live more like the world to be free. If that's the case with you, sister, Satan has you deceived. He is the king of lies. He comes to steal and destroy. If he thinks your going the right way, he will do EVERYTHING  in his power to get you to believe  his lie and turn from God's path for you. I am NOT perfect, believe me. Ask my children and my husband. They will gladly tell you otherwise. I have an issue with anger and discontentment. I'm working on those issues daily and pray that The Lord delivers me from those sins. 

Today's post is taken from another blog. Joanne says things so much more gracefully than I can, so I ask her permission to post this. So without anymore delay here is a post on Head covering. I pray you find it helpful and inspiring. Feel free to politely comment below :-) :