Saturday, April 25, 2009


As I promised I said that the next entry would be more about us, and so here goes~
On top of all the day to day things that we have going on( my 74 year old mom also lives with us) we homeschool. We are members of the ATI ( IBLP , Bill Gothard) . If you are unfamilar with it, you can google it or check out there webpage at : and see what you think. I am going to post some onf my favorite links as soon as I have the time. We homeschool because after several years of having our kids our in public schoool, we realized that we were not happy with some of the "fruits" they were producing. Plus it is so much easier to have my girls and guys with me, rather than wonder whats going on somewhere else. Its not always a blast 100% because we are still training them and they are still kids who want to run wild! But thats normal in my book. Well I here my little man getting up, so I will have to cut it short for now.


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