Saturday, April 25, 2009

Late Night Rambles~

I am here at this computer at a little after 9 pm. My 5 year old son is still quite rowdy and my girls are gone with their Nana ( my beloved's mother). I guess I am bored and have decided to actually write for twice in 1 day. Do NOT get used to that, lol! I will more than likely not have this opportunity quite often. Today I have been struggleling with the wrong type of attitude. I feel like I am so blessed, yet at times I am so ill and irritated. I am going to re-read Debbie Pearls " Created To Be His HelpMeet" again for like the 50th time. It is so easy to forget what you have when you are consumed with the day to day hussle and bussle of being alive, running a home, homeschooling 4 children and just doing what all you have to do in general. I haven't got in alot of prayer time today or yesterday. The one day that I was happiest last week , was when I got lots of prayer time in. I prayed in the morning when I woke up, on my way back from dropping my beloved off at work, and all through out the day. I usually only pray on the way back from dropping him off at work, in the shower, and sometimes on the way to get him from work. I need the Lord's help with this attitude I have developed. My hubby was wondeful to me today. He has spent half his paycheck on me this weekend . He bought me over $60.00 worth of flowers to plant in our yard here at our new house, and he took me out to eat again ( he had already taken me to Cracker Barrell last night) and he bought me a candle sconce to hang on the wall above my moms chair. I love candles and since we have moved here, I have tried to minimalize our decorations because it makes our house less cluttered and my beloved HATES clutter. When we moved here in December, we had to combine my household goods with my moms. It has been an adjustment to say the least. But I am so thankful that although I am stressed, I do have a mother to take care of. It is the least I can do. I have the best mother on earth!!!! She has been so good to me adn my family all these years. And although my mom has some different views on some things than we do, she always supports us. My girls and I only wear skirts and dresses. We strive to be very modest. My mom is totally supportive rather than being judgemental. And that means so much. Well I am starting to get a little sleepy and my baby man is ready to go to "sheep " as he says!


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