Sunday, April 26, 2009

Slow Sundays~

Well its Sunday and I am just pooped! I have not accomplished anything that I wanted to do today and it is already 2:40pm. My beloved is asleep on the couch , my sick daughter is sitting here with me and my youngest child and only son to this date, is hovering over me, likes flies over a pile of poo! I would love a HUGE energy shot and be able to accomplish everything at lightning speeds, but unfourtunately that does not happen. Tomorrow will be busy until atleast lunch because it is a school day and we are already having to continue with school until early June to make up for the days we already missed. My mother in law is so dead set against us homeschooling and living modestly. I dread seeing her this afternoon. I have a sick feeling also. Like nauseousness is setting in. I pray that I am not getting a stomach bug. I have far too much to do this next week to be sick with a bug. I am already zapped enough of all my energy, that I can not imagine getting sick right now. I do however feel a little better emotionally today that I did yesterday. Whats the difference? I prayed all alone this morning when I woke up. God gave me some quality one on one time with him by allowing James to sleep an extra 45 mins or so, in turn I had the whole house to myself. I drank my coffee, prayed, then by then James had woke up, so we went outside while it was cool and cleared out most of the rest of my flower beds. I am planning on finishing my planting this afternoon when it cools off again. My beloved was so sweet yesterday to jump right in and practically do all the work that got done yesterday evenning, and he doesn't know the first thing about planting flowers! I just love him so much!!!!! I am so thankful that the Lord sent me Cameron. He is awesome. Maybe not in the "worlds" standards, but in mine, he is "Top Notch" ;-) He is a great provider and full of great ideas. I am going to try really hard to keep my eyes on the Lord this week and not get discouraged. I have so much to do and with God's help, I can do it all!!!!! Well I guess that is enough for now, I am gonna throw a load of laundry in and start cleaning my kitchen! Be safe and blessed!


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