Friday, April 24, 2009

Our New Home on the Web~

I am finally glad to have found a new blog spot on the web. We have blogged before and I have had atleast 3 Myspace accounts and although I do have a Facebook, I don't know how to use it, so I have never been on it since I first started it up about 2 years ago. So my first entry will be about me family and I. I am married to the most wonderful man ever, Cameron and we have been married since I was 17. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last December. We are looking forward to many more years togther. We are parents to 4 very active, strong spirited children. Our oldest 3 are girls and they are: Jodee 10, Savannah 9, and Taylor Grace 8. We then were blessed again with another pregnancy that resulted in a miscarriage followed by another pregnancy which resulted in the birth of our 5 year old son, James. We had a tubal ligation during his birth, which was a premature birth at 34 weeks along. I knew shortly after that , that I had made a mistake by allowing my tubes to be tied. I began praying and although my husband was not on the same page as I was for several years, I still had faith that the Lord would bless us with a reversal. Well that blessing came to us on December 31, 2008. My husband and I , along with our then 4 year old son, traveled to Tennessee and had the reversal done there. We were very blessed to conceive with in 10 weeks with baby # 6 or #5 , however you want to look at it. My husband and I believe that from the moment conception is accomplished, you have a life from that second on! We were only privaleged to be with that child for 6 weeks and 1 day. I had surgery to remove the baby from my tube, but thankfully we were able to save the tube and we are looking forward to seeing if the Lord has anymore baby blessings in store for us. On top of all that we are proud parents to 5 "furbabies" : Silas 5 who is a boxer, Noah 2 who is a chiuhahua (sp?) , and Rachel 7 months who is a red nose pit. We also have 2 exotic cats, Lelah and Sabin. I am going to post some pics on here as soon as I can. I love showing off my beautiful family! Well I guess that is all for now. Next time I will tell you more about our lives, our homeschooling journey, the ATI and what it means to us, and just more about us in general. Until then, praying lots of blessings your way!


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