Monday, April 27, 2009

Mad Mondays~

Okay, forgive me if the color is not good. I am trying to find a good color to use daily on my post :-) Thanks for all the comments yesterday on my color scheme. Today is going to be a busy day . I can already tell. My hubby is back at work and its just the kids, myself and my mom. School is supposed to start in an hour, but it is a beautiful day here, I still have a ton of laundry and housework to do , plus I still have flowers to plant. I honestly think that today will just be a "nature/home management day", plus my oldest daughter is still sick with some type of stomach bug. I also am dedicateting this week to trying to getting 5year old under control. He is abn absoloute terror at times and he is constantly making noise or moving. Yes, I know he is 5 and he is a boy, but he still needs self control. I will be using the 'blanket training" method on the rest of the kids that we have. I wish I would have known about it sooner. Like maybe 10 years ago, lol. My oldest daughter is very controlled on her own. She is going to make some lucky fellow a very good wife someday. And I feel that my youngest daughter will do the same. I am still definately working on my middle daughter, who has a bit more to go. As for future husbands and wives, while I am on the subject, as you can see from some of the buttons on my side bar: Marriage is very import to us and so is the process of courtship. We are leaning towards bethrotal, though plain old courtship maybe what we do. We are still waiting on the Lord to clarify that to us. Dating is simply shopping around. Its like looking for a new car. If you go to every new carlot in town and test drive every car on the lot and so does 5 other people, essientially when you finally find that right car, you are buying a "used" car. It has been test drove many times and has already developed some wear on it even though you may not be able to see it right away. When you date, as Joshua Duggar says, you are giving little pieces of your heart away, and when you finally find that right one, you don't have a whole heart to give them. I know by experience that the lives that my beloved and I led prior to getting married has interfeared manytimes with us and our marriage. We run into people that we had dated or had and immoral relationship with. It is awkward to say the least. I wish a thousand times over that I had waited on the Lord, instead of seeking my own way. I still struggle with that today. I was not brought up the way I want my kids to be brought up. Everything was handed to me on a silver platter. I never worked, had responsibility, or anything. I was free as a bird. What a mistake that was. I am now struggleling to be the right type of wife and homemaker, because I was always carried along. when my mom tried to show me how to do things, I didn't want to pay attention and so I didn't have to. Funny how 10 years can change things. My life is truly a work in progress and now I too am having to start from scratch with my kids and ,ake up for those first few, but ESSIENTIAL, years of child training that my husband and I missed out on , because we were focused on how the world says we should raise our kids. Thanks the Lord that we have changed our ways and opinions on child training. Well I guess that is enough for now, speaking of all the stuff I have to do, I guess I should get started! Have a blessed day :-)


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