Thursday, September 12, 2013

A New Season~

A new season is nearly upon us! Fall is my all time favorite season because of all the beautiful colors of the leaves and the crisp breeze that usually blows in the air at that time. I am looking forward to baking ( another one of my favorite pastimes) and putting out all my fall decorations. We have a lot going on around here with school getting into full swing, keeping the house in tip-top shape in case someone wants to tour it, and I am also the coordinator for our annual Christmas card exchange on Momys ( an online forum I am a member of for large families). So all in all I have a ton of things on my plate. As time allows I am going to start  a series of several topics on here and I am going to post on them 1 day a week in addition to my normal post. We are experiencing so many exciting changes in our lives right now and along with all those changes comes a lot of things I feel like the Lord is leading to me to share. Among those topics will be modesty, marriage, mother/daughter relationships, mother/son relationships, idols in our lives, bondage ( but not the typical definition that is given in the "Christian" circle right now), homeschooling, and Godly womanhood. I am NOT an expert at ANY of those, and if anything my experience on these topics will come from my mistakes :-) I am NOT a sugar coating kind of gal. In the past I have went along with things and ideas just to go along with them and to not be unfriended or criticized. But the last few months God has  shown me the fruit of my error. In consulting with my husband we have seen where we have been mislead and even wrong in some things that we have allowed and even promoted. I type this post this morning with a grateful heart to my husband and my Lord who have opened my eyes up! My life is different and that's okay. And for the first time in years EVER, I feel like I have been freed to do what the Lord has called me to do without restraint. I am no longer worried about what the world focuses on. I am only seeking what the Lord would have me to do. I told Cameron that I do realize that this is a new chapter in our lives and that it wil mean letting go of so many things I have held dear to me. I do not regret anything I have done, but only wish that I could have been a better encouragement and a stronger witness for Christ over the years. No more time wasting for me. Life is but a vapor;Only here for a moment, then gone. How will I be remembered? What type of impact have I had for Christ in the many seasons of my life? Friends, that is a question we should all ask ourselves? Are we just trying to appease the world to make our lives easier or are we really seeking to do the will of God? To be the beacon of hope in this tainted world.... I do believe that God has called us all to make an impact for His kingdom. In ALL we do and in All we seek to be, may HE be glorified.


   "Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;
    reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine."                           
                                               II Timothy 4:2                      


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