Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No Offer Yet~

I pray that everyone who is reading this is having a very blessed day~ We are doing our regular day to day task and getting ready to start school in about 20 mins. We did not get an offer on our house, but the good news is that they LOVED our house. They put an offer in on a house that will be 30 mins closer to the man's new job. If for some reason that offer is not accepted, they plan on putting an offer in on ours. I am a little sad, but so very grateful that they loved our home, that it showed well and that most important, God's time is better than ours. He knows what we need and He knows when we need it! Praise Him for that. I hope to come on later and post a few pictures of our first official school day ( which was yesterday). We have been doing school a day or so here and there, but all the recent doctor appointments have taken the top spot. I'm so glad I homeschool where I am able to take off and do what we need to do. So off I go...on to another wonderful day that the Lord had made!



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