Saturday, September 7, 2013

Waiting on the Lord and Seeking Him~

How did your week go? Ours went pretty well. It flew by as time seems to do that around here lately. We have a couple of people interested in our house, so I'm praying that one of them will be the right ones and they  will get their approval letters and get to come tour our home! We're looking forward to selling our home and hopefully getting our new home in the country. We've already fell in love with the one place we're looking at, but we also have to trust in the Lord that if that isn't the place for us, that He will direct our path, and show us where we are supposed to be. By waiting on the Lord to provide us with the funds to purchase our new home, we get to experience the awesome guidance and provision that only the Lord can provide. Our lives are taking a new turn, and I'm truly blessed to stand back and be in awe of our Lord's will. By choosing the path that we have, we have lost friends, relationships with several of our family members, and our children have lived without some of the "normal" busyness that comes from all the outside activities  that most children are involved in. We do most things as a family and its because we have made a choice to do that for the benefit of our family. Of course my beloved and I try to sneak in at least one outing a week by ourselves. But that doesn't always happen. I'm sure in years to come we will have plenty of alone time, but I am thankful at this point in our lives that we still have little ones that need us. Although our beliefs are not always popular with our family or some of our friends, we know that at the end of the day, WE are responsible for how our family turns out. yes, I do realize that our children will make their own choices once they are of age, but oh how I pray they make the right choices. Hopefully with our help and the Lord's help, they will do just that. Part of helping them learn certain things in life comes with how we choose to live our life. My husband takes our only vehicle with him to work everyday unless I need it. Living that way the past year has allowed me the opportunity to teach my children and learn myself, that you don't always have to be on the road or spending money. We are learning to be content at home. We are going against the norm and that's okay. In years past, I have worried so much about what others will think of me and my choices. I have often done things just because someone I admired or someone "above" me, did them. Kind of like kids and peer pressure. Over the years, especially the last one, I have learned to stand on my own 2 feet. I may not always have a ton of friends, or a ton of people who want to be like me, but that's okay. I have learned and am learning this more every day, that Jesus Christ is my friend. He is the one person I should desire to please at no matter what the cost. As long as He is happy with me, then that's all that really matters. My husband is of course very important as well. He is my earthly companion and I do try my best to please him always, but if he is living for the Lord, then what is pleasing to the Lord, will be pleasing to him as well. I feel like my journey is just beginning. With all the uncertainty in this world right now, especially with all the issues with Syria coming to the surface, we must seek to follow the Lord even more. No matter what the cost. A dear friend of mine, my pastor's wife, and a very Godly mentor to me  ( yes all the same person :-) ), recently told me that anything you give up for Christ will be worth your reward in the end. It may be hard now to loose relationships, or stop doing things that don't honor the Lord, or even give up your time on things He ask you to do. But he will reward you for those things. The things we give up or are inconvenienced by are nothing compared to what the Lord has done for us. Take the time today to thank God for all He has done for you and think about what are some of the things that you could do for Him. I find myself doing a lot of that lately. Well enough ramblings for today. I'm off to get ready for church tomorrow. I'm so blessed to have found likeminded fellowship and we are so excited to be going. Praying you all have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow!


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