Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Todays Happennings~

Okay, that was wierd. I just typed a whole post and when I went to add a coma to my sentence, the whole post disappeared. So I will type it again. I am sitting here listening to my kids go in and out and I am thinking about the stuff I need to be doing. I just made a gallon of sweet tea and I believe my next task will be to make some lunch. I started my cycle today so we know we are not pregnant. I also cancelled my appointment this morning with my Ob/Gyn and instead, ask for a nurse to call me back. We are going to postpone the HSG until after my August cycle and give my body time to do its on thing as the Lord intended. I am also done with temping and charting for now. It was good for a season, but has caused me too much stress that I don't need. I must get my focus on the upcoming school year, as it is fast approaching and I am looking forward to rekindleling my romance with my beloved. I have been so focused on "baby" making that it has kinda replaced the "loving" part of it. Tomorrow is our day trip to the mountain and thanks to the blessing of a dear friend, Jennifer, I am going to be getting to purchase her digital camera for $20.00! So I will be able to finally post some pics on here and on the message board that I belong to. I am so excited!!!! I LOVE taking pictures. They are precious memories that you can hold on to. Well I guess I will go and try to finish up all my duties since I won't be home tomorrow. Talk with you all later !


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