Monday, June 15, 2009

Sick Baby~

I know that I haven't wrote for awhile, but we have been busy. Cameron worked this past weekend and I enjoyed my first Bible study on the book "Created to be His HelpMeet". I met several other interesting ladies and we are now looking forward to our first meeting of our new Home Church( which is yet to be named) this coming up Sunday which will be Father's Day. I am also trying to recover today from being up almost all night last night with James. He was sick with the croup and I was so scared that he was going to have an asthma attack.Thank the Lord we were able to get up and go to the Doctor this morning and get him some much needed steriods and sp hopefully tonight will be a better night when it comes to sleep. I miss Cameron today ( as I do most all days) and I am sooooo ready for him to come home. Speaking of that, I guess I had better go put on my meatloaf. I know it is going to take an hour or more to cook and it is already 3:30. I am also making mashed potatoes. They take longer to peel and prepare to cook , than to actually cook. Anyway, I will write again later, just wanted to say Hello :-)


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