Tuesday, December 29, 2009

On to the New Year...

Well the New Year is fast approaching. Since we are out of school until next week, I really don't know what the date is :-) Silly of me,but I just have a hard time keeping up with it. Christmas was great and I am glad that the commercial part of it is over. Although I LOVE the season itself for the reason we have it is because of Jesus' birth. Our most precious gift by far! Cameron was suposed to start a new job today, but it ended up not working out. It is hard sometimes to wait on the Lord. I have no idea what he has planned for us, although I am definately looking forward to seeing what that is. Being that we have no money and that we are at home almost all the time, you would think my house would be spotless, but guess what.... its a disaster! I have been so sick with this pregnancy. No throwing up, just lots of gagging and tummy upset. We had a doctors apptointment yesterday. The baby's heartbeat was 157 and it was moving around quite a bit. Only 27 days until my birthday and hopefully we will be able to see what our precious baby is. Cameron hopes for a boy and I guess I do too for the sake of him and James. But of course we will all be thrilled with a baby girl too. All I really want is a healthy baby. We do have names picked out: Jackson Tyler for a boy and Emily Jordyn for a girl. Well I decided that I am gonna try to post a few random pics if I can. Some from earlier in the year and a few from Christmas. Hope you enjoy! And when I posy again, Im gonna list my goals for the New Year... Blessings~

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