Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rainy and Sunny~

The weather today is wierd. It is raining and sunny. I am sitting here taking a break from my cleaning and preparing for the trip, to write in my blog. I hear the sounds of productivity going on around me. I hear my washer spinning out, my dryer running and my dishwasher coming to an end of its rinse cycle. I also hear the chattering of my children and the buzz of this computer. We have done no school today and after re-evaluating my yearly schedule, I discovered ( much to my surprise) that we didn't have to do school today. So we are out of school until Tuesday! My kids are excited and they wouldn't be able to focus anyway. All they have on their mind is the beach!!!! I am kinda getting excited too :-) I haven't been since I was 14 and this is only the second vacation that my beloved and I have taken together in almost 11 years of marriage. So all in all, I pray for a safe and fun trip. I am worried about my 74 year old mother being here alone with 5 cats and 3 grown dogs, plus 4 puppies ( who don't even have their eyes open yet) . I am so scared that she could fall again. So please pray for that and pray for me to have peace and for my mom to enjoy the peace of being here alone and for her to be safe also. I will be calling way too many times while I am gone. I am sure of it. My internet will probably be shut off by the time we get back, but if we decided not to turn it back on, I will update at the library or at my dearest friend Jennifer's house. I guess I will go and hopefully when I return I will be more relaxed, focused and ready to get ready for the fall. And hopefully my family wil still be intact and safe, including my mom and our zoo or animals! Be safe and blessings to all!


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