Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Howdy Folks~

Well its been a while since I have wrote so I decided to drop a few lines here this morning before we start school. We are having a light week this week as my MIL has offered to take us to the Beach. We are leaving Friday and will be back Monday. I hope that if I have internet access I can post some photos. Yes, our internet days are probably coming to an end here for awhile. We simply will not be able to afford the internet on Cameron's unemployment. But we will see what happens. We do have some "new additions" that were added to our family Sunday morning.... 4 cute, cute, cute, ( did I say CUTE :-} ) red nose pit bull and boxer mix puppies. They are so sweet. And my Rachel ( the pit) has been such a good moma. She is only a year old herself and this was her first ( and last) litter. We are keeping 1 to add to the confusion here at our home. The others are spoken for, but for 6 weeks they will be ours. I am currently having to get up about every hour to put them back with Rachel. They are running away! They keep getting under things and getting stuck and then they start crying. So being that I am the head moma at the house here, I have took the job upon myself to get up and care for them when need be. Other than that, things are great. Rachel is a good moma and I am glad that she is nursing them so well. Other than that, nothing else is going on. School is going well, Cameron is still working, although at this point he is ready for the job to be over where he can just move on because he is pretty discouraged and irritated that the hard work he is putting in is going no where. Anyways.... I guess I will go for now and start school. Talk to you all soon~


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  1. have a nice vacation! perfect for baby time :)