Sunday, May 3, 2009

So Tired~

As I sit here typing, all I can hear is "STOP" , "LEAVE ME ALONE" ,all in whiney tones that I can not stand. My kids are being terrors today! My husband has not said 2 words to us today and has played his Playstation3 all day!!!! I am tired today. My mom has slept most of the day, and I have done laundry. We just came out from under a Tornado warning which was interesting and that got the kids all hyped up. Cameron is now asleep on the couch. I am trying to have a good attitude today, but goodness it sure is hard. I did get to write out some of my goals for next years homeschooling and what I plan to do as far as schedule, courses and James' kindergarten. We have a ton to work on. We are also trying to get pregnant again. I know that the Lord will bless us again in His time, but I just pray that I am atleast pregnant by June, so that the bulk of the nausea and tiredness will be gone by the time school resumes in August. I can push the school year back by starting in September if I have too, but thats the latest I can go. I have so much on my mind and with Cameron going out of town next week, I am praying that I can get out of this horrible mood that I am in before he leaves. I am praying about all this, but I don't understand why the Lord hasn't helped me in some of these areas. But who knows, maybe He is helping me and I just don't realize it. Well I guess only time will tell. But for now, it is time for me to go. I have some laundry that has to be put away. And since I am the only one on duty today ;-) I guess that means the job is left up to me to do.


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