Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Thankful~

I didn't write yesterday because I have had a lot going on. First I woke up to a wet bed, thanks to James. Then I heard my boxer bumping around in the bathroom and so being that it was 5:30 , I went ahead and got up. I walked down the hall just in time to see Silas ( my boxer) releaving himself on my hard wood floor!!! I was furious as he rarely does this. So out he went. Then just as I thought that things were starting to run smooth , I sat down on the couch, prayed and was maybe one sip into my first cup of coffee for the morning, when I seen a wee little mouse scurry through my hallway, through the living room and into the kitchen. It caught me off guard ( although I had been suspecting we had a mouse) so I screeled and jumped straight up on to the couch. Then after I calmed down from that, it was time to get Cameron up for work. The normal routine went well and as we started to pull out onto the road, Cameron said that something didn't seem right. Of course, my back tire was almost flat. We made it about a mile or so down the road to the gas station, where he put air in it. Well all and all I ended up having to put air in the tire 3 times yesterday. I was in a horrible mood for most of the day. And although I have had several negative pregnancy test, I still felt so nauseous and tired all day. When it finally came time to go get Cameron , a friend of mine had come over with her newborn and little boy. We all jumped into my Expedition with my son James and we headed out to pick Cameron up. My girls had stayed at home with my mom and so we decided to run a couple of errands will we were out also. By this time it was already 6:30,by the time we got back towards the house it was nearly 7:00. Still daylight here though. About that time, I was driving along thinking that the tire was sure starting to ride really good, compared to the bumpiness that we had been feeling. About then Cameron started shouting , "Slow Down, Wow, wow, pull over" The tire had shredded into a million pieces and I didn't even really realize it. How good God was to allow us to be able to get over through 2 lanes of traffic on a Friday night, all while being on a very busy highway. There was literally no one around us! What a miracle that we were able to get to the side. If I would have had to brake in the road, it would have made me loose control of the car. I was going about 55. But that wasn't the end of my interesting night. We ended up staying on side of the road for atleast an hour. We have no spare and we had no jack, so I had to wait for a family friend ( praise God for Donnie) to come and rescue us. And as we waited the storm sirens started sounding saying that we were under a severe thunderstorm warning. Thank the Lord ( again) we only had a little lightning. It was dark by this time and I was trying to get in touch with my mom. She of course was worried sick by now. Donnie took Shae( my friend that was with us) to my house and she was going to get her car. Me and Cameron stayed with the truck and her newborn and James. Donnies truck is a work van that only has 2 seats so we could not all go at once. A very nice sheriffs deputy was the only one that stopped to make sure we were okay. No one else stopped. Finally Donnie pulled back up and we were waiting for Shae to bring her car to come pick us all up, since the truck was gonna have to sit there all night. We waited and waited and she never came. I had kept trying to call my mom on the girls cell phone , because our house phone is dead and need a new battery. I couldn't understand why no one would answer their phone. That is another story I will get to in a sec. We finally made the decision at 9 pm, with no sign of Shae ,to all pile up in Donnies truck and head back home. We were only about a mile from our house ( thank God again) so that is what we did. When we pulled up, and walked in, I asked my mom where was Shae, because her car was still sitting out front. Shae had locked her keys in the door of my truck!!! And she had took off walking to get them, so she could come back and pick us up!!!! So Donnie took off and got her and we finally were all able to get home safely. We made it into bed around 12 or so and boy was I pooped!!!! Cameron had to turn around and get up an head out to work this morning. Donnie picked me up around 8:00 this morning and we ended up getting a tire and having it put on the rim all for $35.00 !!!! The man I spoke too quoted me one for $75.00, so this was a deal. Once we got back to the truck, we discovered that someone had stolen to center caps off my 2 front rims. I was very upset that this had happened, but most people in this world now a days could care less about stealing something like that from someone. So hopefully we will be able to replace them soon. But for now, atleast I have a new tire and I am safe! Now as for my phone....... We bought it to replace the house phone because we decided that we were going to cut the house phone off to cut back on bills. Well I haven't had a chance to cut off the house phone yet, and so we were just using it for a spare. Some people that we know had been over the day before using our internet to get enrolled in college. The lady had been asking me if I had an extra T- Mobile phone that they could use. I told her no. Well I had to leave her and her finance here with my mom, while I ran an got Cameron the day before yesterday. The phone was lying right by their diaper bag and I had just charged it and turned it on. Well my mom saw the fianance looking at it, and motioning to her. Well, that was the last time we seen it. We now think that they stole it. She has not called and will not answer my phone calls. The phone is also turned off. So I am going to call and report it stollen. I pray that they didn't get it, but they are that way. They have a precious newborn daughter, but they do not work, live off family assistance, use their church and the people in it and they think that everyone owes them something. They are always looking for a handout. Cameron warned me about trying to befriend people like this, but I didn't listen. I am definately changing my view on people. I have had too many things stolen , to not realize that when you try to help people that don't really want help or really don't want to change their lives, you usually get burnt. All we can do is pray for these type of people. Well, I have to go for now, but I hope that everyone stays safe and is blessed over the weekend!


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