Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Check In~

Howdy folks! Its been a long time since I updated. I am still here and doing well. We are in the middle of birthday season here and only have 2 more birthdays to go until October. We have 3 birthdays in May, Emily in June and Savannah in July. So we are usually pretty busy. We are also still doing school since we are "year round" schoolers. I really think education happens all the time even without a text book. Although we do use textbooks. I switched curriculum this past semester and went straight back to my Rod and Staff. They provide a solid education at a great price and they are sturdy books that can be passed down student to student for the most part. And if you are like me, durability means ALOT!!! We have not been blessed again so far, since Jackson's birth in 2011, but we atleast have 4 students that will use my older 2 girls books. I have been thru a rather trying time lately and I will spare you all the boring details, but the Lord is really doing a work in my life. I am learning to lean on Him and He is really showing me somethings about myself that are not wonderful, but atleast I know with Him, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Nothing is too big or difficult for my Lord. That is awesome and I am so greatful that He cared enough to send His only son to die for me. He would have done it just for me or just for you. Even if we were the only ones! WOW!!!! HE IS AMAZING!!!! I will leave you all with that for now. God's blessings on you all...Until next time dear friends<3

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