Thursday, August 2, 2012

Update on Us~

We're still here and breathing! I have decided to try and update my blog weekly from here on out and even upload pictures! My girls think it will be a great place for memories. So this is my first post of more to come. No pictures though, as I need beloved's help to hook my iPhone up to the computer. Our pregnancy is going well. I am actually 8 weeks and 3 days. I am sick, but not deathly sick like I was with Emily. But I do feel worse than I did with Jackson. I have already gained 1 pound and I am anxiously awaiting finding out the gender of this little person. Beloved is going to pay for me to find out the end of September. EEEKKK!!!! Im like a kid in a candy store. I CAN> NOT> WAIT!!!!!!! Did I mention Im excited :-) Anyways.... I just got through making our back to school goody bags that I hand out every year. Our school year starts back Monday and Im starting to be a tad excited about that too. We have lots of ground to cover and until we are caught up to where I am comfortable, we will officially be year round schoolers with small breaks here and there. So thats all for now! I have to go and start getting ready for bed. God bless!

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