Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sick Days ~ Cherishing the Moments ~ Enjoying the Snuggles

  The littles at our house are sick. Very sick. Fevers, coughs, runny noses, and at least 1 incident of vomiting. We are trying to clean and prepare for our realtor to come Friday, which is 2 days later than expected. I emailed her yesterday and postponed our re-listing. But if the sickness continues we may have to wait a few more days.

  It's in these times that we can choose to enjoy the "down time", even if we don't feel like its a good time. I love my littles. Of course I love all my children but my littles hold a special place in my heart since they are reversal babies. They are the children that had we not trusted The Lord with our fertility we wouldn't have. Our 1st son and 4th child is actually our first reversal baby. We thought we were done for sure, but praise The Lord He had other plans. When we are down and not able to move around as much, I tend to have more time to think. So as I was cleaning my kitchen cabinets with my little Jonas in his ergo this morning, I was thinking how precious he is. And how I'm so fortunate he is here. And last night when Emily was throwing up and Jackson was screaming for me not to leave him for a shower, it makes me feel happy. Thankful, loved and needed. 

  So enjoy these times if your little ones are sick. Be thankful it's just a temporary sickness. Some parents are not as fortunate and have children with terminal illnesses. So rest, let go of what you can let go.God gives you little moments to rest. Enjoy! I'm going to snuggle my little ones and pace my day. Praying your week is blessed!



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  1. Good thoughts. Hopefully you're experiencing health again!