Thursday, May 5, 2011

Baby Update #1

I am still pregnant :-) I had a good, but oh so ever long, appt. this morning. I am NOT dilated at all, but I am contracting. So my doctor pretty much said that if I feel the need to go to labor and delivery , she will go ahead and deliver him if I am contracting. So in the morning I am going to see what is going on and then make my choice. I have tied up all my loose ends around here, other than putting the car seat back together and the bassinet back together. I cleaned my room ( but not my closet, lol) and I cleaned and organized my school room. My laundry room is still a mess, but I may tackle that in the morning. I am going to walk a ton in the morning also. If all else fails, I will be holding little Jackson in my arms Tuesday. But please pray that it does work out for tomorrow. Cameron is really hoping for that too so he doesn't miss but 1 days work. Well thats all for now! I am off the computer to go and watch a movie with Cameron and the kiddos before bed. God bless :-)


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