Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Story~ Part 2

So after my tubal ligation I was pretty content for about 2 years. Then I began to realize that maybe I had made a mistake. I had a horrible time every month when it was that time, and I was becoming an emotional wreck. I had a hard time with lots of stuff in my life and so I began researching reversals and how much they cost. I mentioned the prospect to Cameron and at first he said no way. We had all we could handle and in my emotional state at that time, he was right. Finally he agreed that maybe a reversal would be okay just as long as we did it to see if it helped me emotionally. The next step was the finances. After much prayer we decided on Dr. Lisa Rogers in Jackson,Tn. Then we needed to send in my medical records to even see if I was a canidate. And praise the Lord, I was a perfect canidate for the reversal. So we were now on the road to trying to save up the $4500.00 we needed to have the surgery. I found a group online that had letters that Dr. Rogers honored that gave you a $500.00 discount,so I sent that in when I got it. That last year before my reversal was by far the worst year of our marriage. I was crazy to say the least. In November of 2008, a man offered to buy my mothers property where we lived. Mother said yes. So we sold her place, land and our place. Mother decided to give us the money we needed to have the reversal and buy us all a home together as long as we would take care of her. So that answered 2 prayers in one. The first prayer was for us to get out from under the debt of a house payment and the second was the funding for the reversal. Normally it takes a month or two to get a surgery date, but when I called they had one available on fittingly enough, December 31st. Just what I needed to start the New Year with a clean slate. I had said that moving to the house ( which we did Dec.19th) and the reversal was like starting new and that come Jan. 1, 2009, I truly would be a new person. And I was!


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