Friday, July 24, 2009

Changed a Few Things~

I have changed the background on my blog and I plan on changing it with the season as long as keep blogging :-) As I sit here: listening to the sounds of my 5 year old son whine like an infant and hear the sounds of my girls argueing and as I type I have to fight off my kittens so I can touch the keys on the keyboard: I realize something..... I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!! I know that this is a strange time to realize it, but I do. As I was taking a shower and praying, it just struck me how blessed I really am. As I was praying that this is the month that the Lord will bless us again with another sweet baby, I realized that even if He doesn't, I am so blessed already. Yes, I long to grow another baby in my womb and then hold that precious child in my arms, and of course watch that child grow into hopefully a faithful servant of our Lord and heavenly Father. But I am already the moma to 4 wonderful, although difficult at time, children. My 5 year old son is rude to me at times and mean to his sisters, but I am so proud when we are at Wal Mart or another crowded place and he is so polite. He says please, thank you, and excuse me. I am so proud of him at those moments. I blush just thinking about it :-) Then theres my beloved....yes there are times I could strangle him ( not literally ;-) ) but he is so good to me. I am so proud of him and how he works to make it posible to have me home with our kids. In 10 years of marriage, I have never HAD to work. I did have 2 jobs ,only for a little though, and only because I wanted to do it. I was being rebelious and going against what my beloved said. So I wanted to be independant. I look back on those days and think how silly and childish I was. Praise the Lord for a hubby who has loved me no matter what. And then I look around at my home. It is paid for and all thanks to my mom. She sold her home along with our other home and we bought this place and moved in together. We pay that bills and we will always have a place to live without worrying that the bank woill take it away if my beloved lost his job. Thank you mother! I have had the best mom in the whole world ! I feel so blessed today to be sitting where I am. I just wanted to take a little time and say how blessed I am feeling today. I guess I will go for now, as I have alot to do before my beloved returns home! Blessings and be safe all!


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