About Our Family~

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a 34 year old stay at home mother to 7 wonderful children, soon to be 8, from 2 years up to 16 years old. We felt led to return our fertility over to the Lord and so I had a tubal reversal in December of 2008.We are praising the Lord daily for these precious gifts that he continues to give us. And look forward to as many as He sees fit to give us. I home educate and strive to be a helpmeet to my wonderful husband, Cameron. In everything I do, I try to seek the Lord, thus the title of my blog. I am NOT  perfect by no means and I am definately a work in progress as you can see by reading my blog. My prayer for this blog is that the Lord can use it to touch someone in the way that He would have it done.  We believe in modest dress, and being a Christian witness in our actions and attitudes and we are also trying to get out and stay out of debt. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask by commenting on my blog! God bless and I pray that you enjoy reading my blog and that someone finds some of it helpful!