Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just To Clarify~

Hi again! After re-reading my post a couple of times, I wanted to clarify a couple of things. I wanted to first say that we are NOT against people being plain, in no way,shape,or form. We do feel this is a real calling that is led by the Lord. In my journey, I was led by my personal desire. Not my husband's, and not the Lord. Now, with that said, can I honestly say that I will never be plain again or wear a head covering? NO :-) If God directs my husband to that, then I will surely do it. I enjoy the plain type of dress and I love wearing head coverings. And I am praying daily that God directs Cameron the right way and that He will help me to keep my personal preference out of the equation. 
As for wearing the makeup or jewelry. My husband doesn't require that, and loves me endlessly regardless. For that I am SO grateful because as things have changed lately, a couple of things have reverted back. I tried to wear the makeup. I tried to wear the earrings. Within 2 days of that change, my face was so flaky and burnt looking ( and yes, I was using very natural and pure product), that I literally could not put it on. My ob said that I have some type of allergy to makeup ( I experienced this in one of my previous pregnancy's when I still wore makeup regularly)  and we should hold off until the baby is born and then seek treatment via a dermatologist.  As for earrings, my ears became infected, as did each of our daughters that put earrings in after not wearing them for years. Maybe its coincidence, or maybe it was God's way of saying, no. Nevertheless, we aren't doing all that right now. I also had a horrible neck injury and shoulder injury the day after I made this change. So that has taken precedence over everything else as well. If you all would join us in prayer for my neck and right shoulder, we would appreciate it. I am awaiting an MRI, but my doctor is pretty certain I have permanent  nerve damage that may require surgery after Sarah is born. 
We love our church family and we are praying that God will make it clear as to what we should do in regards to keep attending or not. We haven't been able to attend anyway due to all these other issues. We don't want to offend them or be a stumbling block in their walk with the Lord. We love them so!
I wanted to take the time to say all this just because I want everyone to know that we believe God works on all us in different ways and at different times. What path does God have for us? We are not for certain, but we can say without a shadow of a doubt, if we are leaning on Him and His Word, we will never be led astray. May God richly bless you and keep you all as you journey on in this life.


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